Benzi protectoare din silicon pentru vopsit gene

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Benzi din silicon pentru vopsit gene - set 2 bucati

* Material silicon auto adeziv de înaltă calitate

* Potrivit pentru toate tipurile de ten

* Protejeaza pielea de culori si produse chimice

* Pentru orice forma a ochilor

* Testat dermatologic

* Se poate reutiliza până la 100 de ori

Curatire: clatiti/spalati cu apa calda si sapun fara parfum, apoi lasati sa se usuce la aer.

ENGLISH: Silcopad® for Eyelash Tinting provides a shield to protect the skin from colour and chemicals during application without the need for barrier creams. Cost effective and easy to clean. Suitable for all eyelash tints

Place Silcopad® directly below the eye. Apply light, even pressure to affix to the skin.

Made from extra soft, pliable, skin friendly high-tech silicone.
Reusable up to 100 times.
Washable and self-adhesive (no glues)
Dermatalogically tested
Made in Germany; 
Colour: Black

Cleaning Instructions:
Use a mild and preferably fragrance-free soap or a specialized cleanser with warm water to gently wash Silcopad®. Rinse well and air dry.

Care Instructions:
Clean with Antibacterial soap and warm water or specialized cleanser is sufficient to kill most microorganisms.


  • 70% - grade Alcohol
  • Ultrasonic device
  • UV - light


  • Hot Air - 180º Celsius for 30 min
  • Hot Air - 170º Celsius for 60 min
  • Hot Air - 160º Celsius for 120 min
  • Steam up to 100º Celsius
  • Place in boiling water
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