Set abtibilde Quick Eyeliner Stickies

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Set abtibilde Quick Eyeliner Stickies

Material: plastic

Contine: 32 perechi sabloane pentru eyeliner +  1 set forma inima + 1 set forma stelute + instructiuni folosire

Sabloanele nu sunt reutilizabile.

If you want to make a perfect eyeliner look easily, you should try out our new innovative product “Quick Eyeliner Stickies”.

We all know how difficult it might be to make a perfect looking make - up, especially if you are on the rush. Well, now there is a solution to make it as fast and easy as possible. By using “Quick Eyeliner Stickies” you will reach the desired result in 3 minutes. Moreover, you will forget about the blurred and asymmetric lines.

“Quick Eyeliner Stickies” are designed to save your time and efforts and make the eye make-up application much more fun! Every stickie is small and compact. In one set of “Quick Eyeliner Stickies” you will find a step by step guide with photos along with stickies with different design for the creation of the 6 most popular and fashion Eyeliner looks:

-Classic Eyeliner 

-Thin Eyeliner

-Cat/ Winged Eye Eyeliner

-Extravagant Eyeliner

-Double Eyeliner

-Fish Tail Eyeliner

-There are also stickies with star and heart shape for parties or achieving beautiful romantic look.

“Quick Eyeliner Stickies are so easy to use! Just follow a few simple steps and you will have wonderful Eyeliner in no time.

Step one: Place the stickie on your eyelid close to your lash line. It has to be attached tightly from the beginning to the end of your eye. If you put it close to the lashes, you will make thin and discreet eyeliner. If you lift the stickie up, you will get thicker and bold eyeliner, suitable for night makeup.

Step two: Now fill the empty area with liquid or gel eyeliner and spread well everywhere. You can also use color eyeliner. Creamy black eye shadow will also give good results.

Step three: When you finish putting the eyeliner, carefully remove the stickie. You can also outline the lower eyelid.   

Step four: Apply mascara to finish the vision. 

Well done! Your makeup is ready easier than ever! This excellent makeup can be combined with eyeshadows as well. It is suitable for all kind of eye shapes. 

One “Quick Eyeliner Stickies” – Set includes: 

  1. Classic Eyeliner – 6 pairs
  2. Thin Eyeliner – 6 pairs
  3. Cat/ Winged Eye Eyeliner – 6 pairs
  4. Extravagant Eyeliner – 6 pairs
  5. Double Eyeliner – 4 pairs
  6. Fish Tail Eyeliner – 4 pairs
  7. Hearts – 1 set
  8. Stars – 1 set
  9. Instruction Manual
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