Accesoriu curatat si uscat pensule SIGMA DRY'N SHAPE SPA

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Accesoriu curatat si uscat pensule SIGMA DRY'N SHAPE SPA

Creat pentru a curata, usca si a reda forma perilor pensulelor de machiaj. Centrul (cilindrul) se foloseste pentru a curata pensulele indepartand extremitatile. Dupa spalare se prind din nou extremitatile si se pot pune pensulele la uscat. Suportul poate tine pana la 18 pensule deodata. 

Compact si usor de purtat. 

Exclusive Features:
Exclusive and patent-pending, SigmaSnap® securely holds each brush handle in place. Elastic bands provide the necessary pressure to bristles to re-shape them upside down while quickly and efficiently removing water from every bristle.

Brush Cleaning How-To with Sigma Dry’N Shape® Spa:
- Remove Bases - Twist off Sigma Dry’N Shape® (A) and SigmaSnap® (B) bases for brush cleaning and set aside (keep pieces (A) and (B) dry during brush cleaning).
- Wash Brushes - Swirl wet, soapy brush fibers against the WASH, REFINE and RINSE cleaning textures on the pink cylindrical core. Note respective FACE and EYE textures.
- Assemble - When ready to dry clean brushes, twist on bases (A) and (B) using the labeled guide dots to properly align. Hold the cylindrical core of the gadget when attaching or detaching bases.
2. DRY
- Dry Eye Brushes - Once the gadget is fully assembled, begin the drying process by placing the handles of small brushes in the SigmaSnap® on the inner circle of the SigmaSnap® base (B) with brush head downward, toward the Sigma Dry’N Shape® base (A).
- Dry Face Brushes - For larger brushes, insert brush handle through the smallest elastic band that it will fit into and secure handle into the corresponding SigmaSnap®. Allow brushes to dry in the Sigma Dry’N Shape® Spa with bristles pointing down to prevent moisture from getting trapped in the ferrule.
- Secure Elastic Band Around Brush Head - Brush head should be tightly secured and centered within the elastic band. By doing so, dry time is dramatically reduced and brush bristles are formed back to their natural shape and direction. 

Produse: Sigma Beauty / Accesoriu curatat si uscat pensule SIGMA DRY'N SHAPE SPA


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