Extravaganza - Face Kit 18K Gold

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Stoc limitat

Set 4 pensule pentru fata placate cu aur de 18K

Setul contine:

- pensula evantai - F90

- pensula pentru aplicare blush - F92

- pensula kabuki - F94

- pensula pentru pudra - F95

+ o poseta


FACE KIT 18K GOLD PLATED - Extravaganza by Sigma. Luxury set of 4 make-up brushes + case. Each of the utensils was made with great care and attention to detail. It is a good solution for very demanding consumers. Heads were placed in gold-plated caps, resistant to damage and deformation. Wooden handles were covered with black lacquer. Well placed in the palm of your hand for comfort and convenience while working. Perfectly suited for everyday use at home or in beauty saloons. Each of them was engraved with the sign and inscription Extravaganza. The case was made of synthetic leather. Allows convenient storage of 4 brushes. The right amount of space reduces the risk of deformation of the bristles. Soft pockets of different widths allow you to store brushes with different sticks. The logo and name of the manufacturer were extruded on the outside of the product. Perfect for traveling and home use. The case is closed with a zipper.

The set includes:

F90 FAN - Large brush for subtle application of loose powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter. Great for removing excessive amounts of cosmetics. The hair was arranged in a flattened cap. The cover at the base was rounded, while the top was slightly flattened. This prevents falling and deformation of the bristles, which perfectly spread over your the face while working. The bristles were trimmed to the right length - thanks to which, in spite of their density, they evenly spread, wrapping your face in a gentle way.

Handle length 14 cm, bristles length 4.5 cm, handle diameter 1.5 cm.

F92 BLUSH - Large brush for finishing make-up. Ideal for spreading bronzer, blush and highlighter. Slightly flattened head allows for trouble-free application.

Handle length 13.5 cm, bristle 4,4 cm, handle diameter 1.6 cm .

F94 KABUKI - Large brush for applying powder. Ideal for applying all mineral products. Enables quick and trouble-free application of cosmetics. Dense bristles were placed in an oval cap. The rounded base perfectly lies in the palm of your hand.

Handle length 9 cm, bristles length 3.7 cm, handle diameter 2.5 cm.

F95 POWDER - Very large brush for applying loose cosmetics. Perfect for applying powder to face, neck and neckline. Large head was placed in an oval cap.

Handle length 16.5 cm, bristles length 5.2 cm, bristles diameter 5.5 cm, handle diameter 1.8 cm.

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