Capac pentru ruj Luxury - Editie Limitata

Cod: UDLux

Pret30.00 LEI / buc
Stoc limitat

Capac pentru ruj - Urban Decay-  Editie Limitata

- lungime 6.6 cm

ENGLISH: Treat yourself to the Rolls Royce of Lipstick caps! 
This Limited Edition Deluxe Lipstick Cap is a swanky alternative to your standard Urban Decay Lipstick cap. 
To use, remove the cap on any Urban Decay Lipstick, set aside, and click on the new Deluxe cap. After all, blending-in was never your thing. 

While the standard Lipstick cap is clear, this cap is translucent purple, wrapped in a gunmetal outer shell. 
The delicate (yet dangerous) filigree pattern creates a multi-dimensional, stained-glass effect. 

Use a Deluxe Cap to identify your favorite Lipstick shade for quick grabbing out of your drawer or makeup bag, or just pop it on because you deserve the best. 
Made of an incredibly durable material, Zamac, the Deluxe Lipstick Cap is designed to last for years!

Produse: Urban Decay / Capac pentru ruj Luxury - Editie Limitata


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