Extended Wear Eye Liner Kit - WARM

Cod: EL002

Producator: Sigma Beauty

Set creioane + pensula pentru ochi

Contine 3 nuante creioane: - Downplay; - Drift; - Declare si - Pensula E20 pentru amestecarea culorilor.

Cantitate: 4.25 g

Valabilitate: 12 luni de la deschidere

Lungime creion: 13.9 cm

Lungime pensula: 13.9 cm

ENGLISH: The Warm Extended Wear Eye Liner Kit contains three eye liner pencils and one unique brush. Each eye liner pencil was made with a rich, creamy and long-wearing formula to perfectly complement the Sigma Beauty eye shadow collection. This set contains deep, sultry shades to add warmth and intensity to the eyes. 

Included in Kit: 
 Declare – Shimmery Deep Eggplant 
 Downplay – Shimmery Antique Rust 
 Drift – Shimmery Vibrant Yellow-Gold 
 E20 - Short Shader brush

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Creion Declare
Creion Declare
20.00 LEI
35.00 LEI
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Produse: Sigma Beauty / Extended Wear Eye Liner Kit - WARM


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